József M. Berty with Orsolya E. Berty





During times of conflict and strife, some of the most fascinating and powerful tales of the human spirit overcoming adversity emerge. The Second World War and the times leading to it were such moments. Dr. József M. Berty, a man who lived during this period, shares his life’s tale in his autobiographical book, MY EXPLOSIVE LIFE.

The author begins with a retelling of his ancestry, of Hungarians who were forced out of their homeland due to territorial shifts at the conclusion of the First World War. Losing everything and starting over seemed to be the theme of his family’s life, with the wars and conflicts prevalent in Europe dislodging them from one place after another, all the way until he and his family made it to America in 1957.

Readers engrossed in World War II history and fellow survivors will appreciate MY EXPLOSIVE LIFE as it is told by someone who lived its moments firsthand. People with European (particularly Hungarian) ancestry will also be able to learn a bit more about their cultural roots and realize what trials and sufferings their ancestors went through during World War II. Through all of the trying times the author has experienced, he manages to retain a certain lighthearted quality in his words, a testament to his unbroken spirit.